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The “Wellness Visa” at Massage Philly

Let our talented staff tailor personalized, amenity-driven quality massages to complete your health goals. The whole premise of the “Wellness Visa” is to provide you deeply discounted prices on your massages so that you may embrace massage as a wellness program rather than an occasional luxury.

Joining the “Wellness Visa” program is easy and uncomplicated:

  • We charge your credit or debit card once a month for a massage and you earn a massage credit. 
  • Massage credits roll-over for twelve months before they expire, so you have plenty of time to use them.
  • You may share your membership and earned credits with one other individual and that benefactor may be changed up to once a year. 
  • Individual memberships may be put on hold for 60 days per year after 4 months of consecutive membership, so that you may catch-up and not accumulate too many unused credits. 
  • Shared memberships may not be put on hold since you are able to share earned massage credits which should be easy to use-up throughout the year between two people.
  • We have various levels of the “Wellness Visa Program” and to keep it uncomplicated we will cater your Wellness Visa to your choice of massage, and you may upgrade to any massage you wish and just pay the difference.
  • As an “Active Wellness Visa Member” you will only pay “Wellness Visa Pricing” and not “Guest Pricing”.
  • You may transfer or gift up to 2 member credits per year to a non-member for a $25 per credit transfer fee.
  • “Wellness Visa Membership” may be cancelled any time after 6 months of consecutive enrollment. * 
  • You may use up to 2 member credits per year at the sister spa alternative location.

Regular massages promote immunity, soothe stress, ease tension and pain, reduce hypertension and fatigue, aid in tissue regeneration, and enhance sleep quality while satisfying your senses.

Join today and embrace these awesome benefits with a wellness visa membership at Massage Philly!

*Upon cancellation of membership, any remaining credits may be used at the current “wellness visa pricing” for 30 days after cancellation, and at the full “non-member guest pricing” thereafter until the credits expire on the 1-year anniversary date of earning.

Disclaimer - Wellness Visa terms, pricing, and availability is subject to change at any time and for any reason and without formal client notification. Massage credits are non-refundable and have no cash value.

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